This is the story of a young wizard's apprentice named Harriet Peabody.
Harriet, learns much more than feats of magic and wizardry. As she is guided by Willard the Wizard of Wisdom, she discovers that the greatest secret to magic and life is developing good reading skills. Aided by the Dewey Decimal system, a magical bookmark and a bit of historical knowledge, Harriet triumphs over the nasty wizard Lotar. Astounding feats of magic such as the Broom Suspension enthrall and excite all ages in this colorful and fast paced whirlwind of wizardry!

To capture and hold the attention of a child can be a feat of magic in and of itself.
To spark their imagination is even more important.
The Wizards Apprentice achieves these miracles with every performance.

We accomplish this with a dazzling display of highly visual, colorful, and incredible magical effects that even fool the educators! Add to this the use of comedy, live animals, audience participation, spellbinding special effects and scenery and it's no wonder this program is a success. All the fun and excitement opens a child's mind and sets the stage for us to accomplish our goal of getting kids excited about reading, learning some basic library skills, and instilling in their minds the premise that if they can read well and work hard they can accomplish just about anything!

How long is the show?

The Wizards Apprentice is presented as a 45 minute program in schools, libraries
and park districts. An expanded hour long version is available for venues such as theaters , performance arts centers or other presenters with larger facilities.

Who does this appeal to?

The show appeals to the whole family . Youngsters who do not yet read are
mesmerized by the colorful magic and inspired to learn to read. Those of reading age are encouraged to further develop their reading skills and explore the basics of the Dewey Decimal System. People of all ages will have their funny bone tickled and be astonished by the mind boggling magic and dazzling special effects!

Artistic and educational merit

The artistic merit of the show speaks for itself with it's incredible feats of magic, costumes, masks and sets. The art of magic even comes to life in the hands of young volunteers. The show offers numerous curriculum enhancement opportunities for educators to connect with, including: Library skills, history, relationships, literature and communication. A Study & Activity Guide is included to enhance this sensational theatrical experience.

Wizards workshops

By special arrangement , we offer magical workshops for "young apprentices". In addition to teaching a few basic tricks, each workshop focuses on the necessary coordination and manual dexterity required for the tricks , the psychology of magic and misdirection as well as communication and presentation skills. Each apprentice receives a special certificate upon completion of the workshop.

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