Here is what presenters have to say about the Balsters and their productions.

“The elements of surprise, wonder and excitement were evident in both the eyes of the children as well as the adults!”   “Your set, costumes and the magic all captured our audience in a very positive way…and the messages about books, reading and exploring
the Dewey Decimal System were weaved into the program appropriately.  The magic tricks related to developing these good reading skills and really kept the students engaged throughout the program.”

Linda L. Heberton
PTA Cultural Arts Representative
Pleasant Ridge School
Glenview, IL



“We used the production as a way to inspire our children to read and find out a little bit more about how libraries are organized.  I think The Wizard’s Apprentice helped us achieve those goals.  “  “ the magic tricks gained the students’ attention so the message of the production could be heard.”
“The study and activity guide was a helpful resource that several of the teachers have taken advantage of.  It is well organized and easy to use”

Melissa L. Ingram
Lincoln Elementary School
Brookfield, IL

“I observed their presentation to be imaginative, impressive, and captivating.”
“ The production features impressive magic, an intriguing storyline and involves audience participation.  Every aspect of the program, from the set to the characters,
demonstrates intelligent creativity.  Also, the plot teaches a positive message about reading, so it is highly appropriate for libraries.  Blending quality entertainment with an educational message adds to the worth of the program.”

“this would be the one performance that you would not want your program season to go without.”   

Allison Bies
Youth Services Program Coordinator
Shaumburg Township District Library
Shaumburg, IL                                 

“One of the more entertaining assemblies that has been
offered to our students during my
tenure was the performance of  The Wizard’s Apprentice.
I will note that they:

  1. Were very punctual in their arrival and extremely
    well-organized in their set up.
  2. Delivered an excellent performance to our students
    that demonstrated their talents;
  3. Offered several educational opportunities
    throughout their performance so that students
    could better understand the structure of the
    Dewey Decimal System, the importance of
    reading and the intricacies of magic;
  4. Encouraged and involved students to
    participate in a fun, sensitive and
    engaging manner;
  5. Demonstrated a strong sense of genuineness,
    integrity and passion for their  Performance;
  6. Captivated our entire school during
    their performance!“    

Mark Walther
Hoffman Elementary School
Glenview, IL

“It is a feat to combine magic, beautiful costumes and an informative storyline into one program, but The Wizards Apprentice has it all.  Balster’s magic is truly magical and his unique programs are a “must have “ for all.”

Eileen Glazik
Youth Services Programmer
Vernon Area Public Library
Lincolnshire, IL


“The Balsters were wonderful to work with - cooperative, appreciateve and respectful of our time and theatre” ... “ we were inpressed with there organization and planning” ... “The show itself was terrific. They skillfully entertained nearly 1,000 patrons ranging in age from three to eighty.” “ our experience with the Balsters was entirely positive.” “ We recommend them to any presenting organization.”

Annette M. Thompson
Public Relations / Program Coordinator
Ellen Eccles Theatre / Capitol Arts Alliance
Logan, UT

“Tim and Robin are terrific together and their energy and execution on stage was just what our sophisticated audience expected to keep them on the edge of their seats. “ “off stage they are just as delightful. For any presenter who considers them for their season - don’t hesitate.”

Cheri Frederich
Kingsborough Community College
The City University of New York
Brooklyn, NY

“The true analysis comes from the expressions on the faces of the audience as they leave the theatre - I was overcome with joy as the children scrambled to the lobby to get your autograph.”

“I was particularly impressed with your sensitivity to performing magical moments specifically designed to captivate every age represented in the audience - from infant to elder.”

“Certainly a magical treat to treasure for a lifetime!”

Judy Nagy
Director of Marketing and Development
Sandusky State Theatre
Sandusky, OH

“Theatreworks USA has represented Tim & Robin since 1997, and they are a complete joy to work with. “ “ Regarding their on-stage performance, we could not be more happy, and our presenters agree - returned evaluation forms consistently rate them as “excellent”.

Ken Arthur
Managing Director
Theatreworks USA
New York, NY

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“I recently had the pleasure of working with Tim Balster during the run of ”Cabaret on Ice”.

A show in which he performed for a full-house for much of the show’s run.” “Tim is an excellent magician. “ “ he was a complete professional and very cooperative. In short, Tim would be a welcome addition to any show or theater.“

Steve Gietka
Director of Entertainment / Public Relations
Trump Castle
Atlantic City, NJ

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“Many parents commented on the program and all were very positive. The majority of the people I spoke with were very impressed with the wholesomeness of the program.”

“We have also recieved very positive comments from our sponsors , who were very pleased with the quality of the performance.

Pamela S. Maltby
Assistant Director
Columbus Area Arts Council
Columbus , IN

“Master magician Tim Balster and hhis asssistant Robin developed a wonderful rapport with our young audience, ranging from Pre-K through 3rd grade. Everyone enjoyed the magic and audience participation, but the best part of the performance - according to my exit poll following all performances- was the snowfall! A perfect ending to a delightful December holiday program!”

Joanna Ferraro-Levy
Associate Director
Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center
Westhampton Beach, NY

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“To spark a child’s curiosity and sense of wonder is a wonderful gift; a gift that you deliver to children across the country with your light-hearted performances.” “ I found your magic, as well as your on-stage presentation, to be very professional and age appropriate...a magic show that all ages could enjoy. Thank you.”

Darla Meeker
Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
Santa Rosa, CA

“Your performance is a visual pleasure and the active pacing holds everyone’s attention,

From the 4 year olds to their grandparents. “ “Your attention to details such as costuming, the use of brightly colored props, the fog machine and confetti all added to the magic of the performance. Your rapport with the audience helped to keep them vitally interested throughout the program.”

Priscilla J Johnson
Performing Arts Coodinator
Longwood Gardens
Kennett Square, PA

"Our audience was mesmerized by the on-stage magic and entertained by the comedic presentation. The costumes and sets added to the overall experience and brought a touch of Broadway to rural southern New Jersey.”

Sean Timmon
Artistic Director
Appel Farm Arts & Music Center
Elmer, NJ

“The sold out show was a great success, receiving rave revues from both parents and staff.”

“Our parents expect a lot from our performers, and following this show a parent even to the time to write a note that said “ Tim Balster was fantastic!! Can he return?” We will definitely be welcoming Tim Balster back for future shows!“

Silvia Kraft-Walker
Preschool Services Coodinator
Glenview Public Library
Glenview, IL

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